MechaFrog is a unique shooter that blends bullet-hell and turret-defense elements, all to the backdrop of an absurdist story about a robotic frog with an existential crisis.

Take control of the World's Only MechaFrog as you create 6 different turrets to blast your way through flies, beetles, and other bugs - all inexplicably armed with various laser cannons. Defeat the Lord of the Flies that's menacing the frogs' precious Lake, and figure out what MechaFrog having an existential crisis has to do with all of this.

Update March 20 2013:

A new version of the download has been released, fixing some bugs with file saving and a crash in later levels. If you downloaded the game before this date, make sure to update the game file!


Title Screen Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


System Requirements:

This game was made in about two months by Amorphous, and was released under the (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) License in March 2013. Return to the Beast Amorphous website
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